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"Oniiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" screamed a farmer as he stormed into the bar where some of the village swordsmen were enjoying a round of sake.



"Yes! She just came in from the mountain path, club a-swinging. She demands food and drink! We tried to repel her, but it only made her angrier…" explained the farmer frantically, whom the samurai suddenly noticed was rather bloody and battered-looking.

"Hmph!" grunted one of the swordsmen, taking one last shot of rice wine and forcefully slamming his cup onto the wooden bar. "How dare that demon invade the sanctity of our village?! We will show her."

"Be careful, she's strong—and she's a big one too" gulped the farmer.

Upon exiting the bar, the scene that greeted the swordsmen was chaos. The smell of ash and fire hung in the air, and they could see debris from the wooden buildings all over. Villagers were running in a panic, screaming, and they could hear the sound of weapons and battle.

They turned towards the village square, and immediately saw her. She had deep red skin, whose smooth, soft appearance was deceptive of its innate toughness and resistance to weapons and extreme temperature. She had pale-blonde hair that fell past her shoulders, a pair of sharp, golden horns, and fiery yellow eyes. Also, the farmer was right—she was indeed a "big" one. They had battled Oni before on their travels, although none as impressive as this.

The Oni currently razing their village was probably not the largest in terms of height, although standing at 8 feet meant she towered easily over anyone in the village. But she was certainly the largest in…errr…other areas.

They had never seen anyone, human or demon, with breasts that big. It was amazing how she could fight so well with those massive boobs sticking out in front of her. The men watched, somewhat entranced as the Oni's humongous bosom bounced and wobbled as she swung her giant club at an incoming wave of attackers, sending them flying off several feet.

She was wearing a midnight-blue sleeveless silk robe which, despite its supposedly flowy, loose fit, hugged her ample curves tightly. No doubt it was a little old and had become quite outgrown. For one thing, her giant boobs were bulging out the front, the robe forced open as her deep red cleavage poured forward. She had a white sash just underneath her impressive bust which kept the whole thing together, and its tightness at her waist only highlighted her chubby, well-fed belly, which the robe draped over. The inadequate robe failed to cover her entirely—too much of its fabric had been allocated to containing her massive bosom and plump midsection, that little was left to cover her also very large, very round buttocks. Although it managed to cover probably half of her big ass, her constant motion in the heat of battle meant that her robe was flying up and about all over the place, giving them a free view of the entirety of her huge badonkadonk, which, like her boobs, wobbled and jiggled with each attack. She was wearing a tiny white g-string that barely covered anything, and now and then as she battled they would catch a glimpse of a quite well-fed gut that bulged healthily over it.  

She was clearly a successful member of the species, evident by her quite healthy physique. It wasn't just her impressive assets that gave this away—she looked quite well-fed and ample all over. She lacked the muscle tone characteristic to others of her kind, having a softer, padded look all over, but they didn't doubt her strength as they watched her parry an incoming katana strike and knock the attacker back effortlessly. Her arms were thick and meaty, and jiggled with plumpness with each swing of her club, and her thighs did the same, slapping against each other as she lunged forward to sweep aside a wave of incoming attackers. "Thick" was probably the best way to describe her. Okay, VERY thick, leaning towards plump. She was one very voluptuous, very healthy Oni.

The men found themselves thinking that she was actually quite appealing and, although they probably wouldn't admit it, sexy. She was nothing like the willowy, skinny women of their village they were used to. Her curves were ridiculous, and she would probably be considered downright hot if she wasn't so…errr…well, plump. And of course the fact that she was an 8-ft tall demon girl ravaging their town.

The warrior shook their heads, breaking free from the spell of bouncing assets and bulging curves, suddenly remembering their mission.

"Come on, we can't let that she-devil take our village!"

They drew their swords in unison and charged.

She was still being surrounded by futile attackers, each one of them being effortlessly swatted away by flies. The men were all mostly below 6 feet, which meant she towered at least 2 feet over most of them, a truly imposing figure. She didn't even seem to be trying, and looked almost bored as she clubbed away man after man.

The samurai from the bar were closing in, but were suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. Apparently having had enough, the over-developed Oni let out a might shout, all her attackers freezing in fear.

"I am Hiroko, She Who Shakes the Earth!" she boomed menacingly down at the smaller men. She then raised her massive club, Doom Bringer, and smashed it down on the ground in front of her.

All the warriors were knocked to the ground as the sheer power from her swing caused the very earth, and seemingly the entire village, to shake. The paved streets of the village square cracked from the impact, a massive fissure tearing up and stopping right in front of the stunned samurai who were planted firmly on their behinds.

The Earthshaker Hiroko smirked. Stunned silence and fear surrounded her.

"I've grown bored of fighting you weaklings. Now, be good dears and do as I asked: bring me food and wine" she demanded.

He didn't know what made him do it, but one of the downed samurai spoke up.

"Y-you promise to leave our village once we have met your demands?" he said in a voice of forced calm and exaggerated deepness. It didn't mask his stammer though.

The Oni sighed and rolled her eyes. These poor men were always trying to be so macho, she thought as she noticed the wet patch between the man's legs.

"Yes yes, I'll leave once I've been fully satisfied" she grinned down at the man.

But what none of the villagers expected was it took a whole lot to get this Oni 'satisfied'. A week later she was still at the village, and didn't show signs of leaving any time soon.

"I'm here to collect today's tribute" boomed the familiar voice of Hiroko into the sake bar and restaurant. The few customers enjoying an early cup of rice wine this early in the day gasped.

"Ahhhh, D-dainty Cherry Blossom!" stammered the bartender nervously with a smile. He was using but one of the ironic terms of endearment most of the villagers had given to Hiroko to keep on her good side (you didn't want her in a foul mood!). "We weren't…errr…expecting you today…"

The villagers had made the mistake of being too accommodating to the greedy Oni. Their plan was to fully satisfy her with as much food and drink as she wanted as soon as possible, and be rid of her. They gorged her and overfed her, thinking she would eventually tire of such pampering and move on—but she didn't. And their food stores were running dangerously low. The only thing the villagers accomplished was to make Hiroko, the Earthshaker, even larger. And larger. And larger.

"Well…urgghhh…here I am…urgghhhh…!!!" she said in between groans as she squeezed her way through the now too-small doorway of the bar. The bartender winced as his poor doorway splintered and cracked, wood flying off as the frame gave way. "Oh come ON!" she bellowed impatiently, before giving one final heave that completely destroyed the door's frame, taking bits of the wall too.


Finally in, she stood up to her full height, her head pressing against the ceiling of the bar and her horns tearing into the wood. It was amazing what one week of non-stop feeding and pampering could do to an Oni. She was HUGE.

Besides growing an extra few feet in height, she had managed to plump up quite considerably. Although her breasts had exploded in size, now even more titanic than before, and her hips and ass had followed suit, growing to even more mind-boggling proportions, gone were the previous notions of her being considered as "sexy" by conventional standards. Accompanying the growth of her burgeoning assets was, well, everything else—she was no longer thick, no longer chubby. She was now fully-blown fat.

Her poor silk robe was even more ill-fitting on her enlarged frame, which to the bartender seemed to fill his suddenly tiny restaurant. More of it was allocated in trying to contain her now even more gigantic breasts than ever before, which meant less and less of it left for covering her lower half. Indeed it was now so small on her that it didn't even reach her massive butt which was fully exposed, her tiny g-string barely covering anything.

In fact, the robe didn't even fully cover her belly anymore either—her blubbery red stomach bulged out from under it, her belly button showing as her fattened gut and love handles made the waistband of her g-string disappear.

Of course, just because more of the robe was left to deal with her overgrown chest didn't mean it was able to do so successfully. In fact, even more cleavage was billowing forth than ever before, her gigantic breasts absolutely overflowing forward and forcing the robe open to its maximum without being undone. The poor sash hung on underneath her wonton bosom, keeping the robe together like Atlas trying to hold up TWO Earths. It was an invisible, unsung hero though, covered fully by her mammoth breasts.

"Damn it, I am still so hungrryyyyyyy" she groaned like a spoiled child, rolling her eyes as she began to lumber over to the bar.

Another thing about Hiroko the Earthshaker was that her title was taking on a whole new meaning—besides the earthshaking power of her club, the 'Dainty Cherry Blossom' now LITERALLY shook the earth when she walked. Such was her size at this point.

"H-hungry, my D-delicate Flower?" stammered the bartender in a sweat, as his entire bar shook with each of Hiroko's heavy footsteps. Her overflowing curves—her showing belly, those tree-trunk thighs, that massive ass and of course those titanic tits—all bounced and jiggled and wobbled with each tremor. 'God DAMN she's getting fat' he thought to himself.

"I thought you'd be having b-breakfast at Yoshiko's diner today, Cherry Blossom?" he went, beginning to sweat as her immense shadow loomed over him. He wasn't expecting her today, which meant he hadn't prepared anything specifically for her. And god knows how much Hiroko could eat.

"I already did, but that idiot Yoshiko clearly didn't prepare enough to satiate me" she groaned, finally stopping in front of the bar.

"I mean, did he actually think just five plates of chicken and two baskets of eggs would satisfy me, during the MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY?!" she bellowed with impatience to the non-present owner of the diner, still angry at the whole thing. "He was lucky to escape with his life."

"His incompetence was unforgivable, but your mercy shows now bounds, oh Gracious Maiden" bowed the bartender nervously. He then looked up at her fearfully. She was so huge, she towered over him and cast him entirely in her massive shadow. He could barely see her face past that massive belly, let alone those giant boobs. Damn, this was all that fool Yoshiko's fault! He knew damn well how much this whale could eat!

"Please, Oh Delicate Flower…I wasn't expecting your presence today, and I fear I may have nothing prepared worthy of you…" he bowed again fearfully. 'And that ridiculous appetite of yours' he thought.  

Hiroko's eyes bulged in fury and for a second and she thought she would lose it, but her expression soften considerably. This bartender was her favourite. Always so polite. Always so respectful. Such a good underling. Sometimes she had lustful cravings about the men in the village, so tiny, so weak, and so afraid of her. The poor men would be so battered the next day. Some even suffered broken bones. But such was the price of accepting such a reward—they should be honoured to be with such a powerful, beautiful being like herself.

"Oh I'm sure you'll come up with something" she grinned down at him. "I heard, for instance, that you're preparing an order for one of your customers for a small birthday celebration later today?"

The bartender gulped. It was one of his long-time customer's birthday today, and he had ordered a few baskets of sweet pastries and some jugs of sake. It was enough for a small gathering of ten. "T-that's true, but…" he began, but he couldn't bring himself to say no. He just couldn't. He valued his life.

"Then that will have to do" glowered the Oni suddenly, and her massive bulk loomed over him. She always got what she wanted.

The bartender gulped fearfully. Well, the celebration wasn't until later that afternoon—he could probably rush remaking the order once The Gluttonous One had left. "Yes, of course my Cherry Blossom…"

"Now that's what I like to hear" she smirked, beginning to take her seat.

The bartender sensed this and made eye-contact with one of his assistants, made a jerking motion towards the overgrown Oni. The assistant jumped and, quick as a fox, pushed three nearby chairs right under her lowering behind. He got out of the way fearfully as the shadow cast by her enormous rear fell over all three chairs. Just in time too—her fat ass bulged heavily over all three chairs at once, which were clearly not enough to hold her. They buckled under her and groaned loudly for a second, before giving way under her weight.


The chairs were demolished under her immense ass, which hit the ground and caused the restaurant to shake again.

"I mean, you wouldn't want your Little Cherry Blossom wasting away now, would you?" she grinned down at him, her double chin more obvious.

He stared up at her in fear and disbelief. Her?! Wasting away?! She was so massive even while sitting down she loomed over him! He could barely see her face past those giant knockers of hers, each one probably capable of smothering a man on its own. In front of him, her big belly bulged onto his bar, thankfully contained partially by her robes.

"Of course not, Your Greatness!" he bowed, taking his eyes off all that fat.

Soon, the food and drink arrived, brought out by the bartender's assistant. There were several baskets of sweet rice cakes and pastries, and a few jugs of rice wine. Soon, the eating began. It was enough to feed and water a party of ten, but the overfed Oni was devouring it all effortlessly.

"This is an adequate offering, underling" she went with a moan of satisfaction as she shoved a handful of pastries into her mouth piggishly. She could hold several at once in her large, meaty palms, and sometimes didn't even bother chewing.

"I am glad you are satisfied with it, Delicate Flower" he bowed, having watched her sash tighten further and further as she ate, her belly filling up and pushing out from under her robes even more.

"Yes, in fact I'm going to reward you with an extra treat. All of you in fact" she said to the diners in the restaurant through a mouthful of sweets. She then began to undo her sash, which was so tight now against her bloated belly. Hiroko was a proud Oni, and took as much pride in her power and fighting skills as she did in her sex appeal. She considered herself a blessing from the gods for men, and was very boastful about her robust curves and voluptuousness—even if, lately, they had grown in excess.

The moment it fell off, her robes sprang open and everything spilled out. Her giant boobs bulged forward to their full size. She was wearing a tiger-pelt top which resembled a bikini—yet another offering from the village to appease her when she first arrived. It had fit her well then, but now, a week later, it was struggling to contain her absolutely mammoth breasts, which were bulging out in all directions. In fact, her areolas were showing since the cups were just too small to cover her, and now and then a nipple would peek out, something she considered another treat for all men who laid eyes on her.  

Her big red belly, now unconstrained as well, bulged forward and flooded onto the bar, knocking over several glasses and bowls in the process. While not as massive as her gigantic breasts and ass, it had really grown humongous in the past week.

The bartender looked at it, a bit transfixed by its sheer size and blubber as it sat heavily on his bar in front of him. He remembered how she had completely cleaned out his restaurant's stock of food during her first day. How she had devoured every single one of farmer Huzo's goats. How she had completely drunk dry half a dozen jugs of special plum wine the capital had sent for the upcoming spring festival. And now she had gobbled up in one sitting all the pastries meant for one of his favourite customer's birthday celebration, pastries which he and his assistant had painstakingly slaved over for hours. She didn't even slow down enough to TASTE them!

He held back a grimace. The previous, somewhat-do-able Oni of one week ago was totally gone. She really was now just an all-out fat bitch…and was getting fatter by the day.

He bet after she was done here, she would strut her overgrown body around the village proudly, making every bulge jiggle and the ground shake beneath her as she looked for her next unfortunate establishment to terrorize. Her added weight only reminded the poor villagers how much they had lost to the tyrannical, greedy demoness.

"Y-you grace our unworthy eyes with your divine body, Delicate Flower!"
This story was actually inspired by Woot's Oni-related works, which I absolutely love:



His Oni art, the first one even having one of his signature short stories, really captured my imagination. I knew that the strong, gluttonous, violent, and somewhat lazy personality of the Oni's would be fun to work with in a story.

It was also my chance to write about something far from my usual literary comfort zone--rural, feudal Japan is a totally different setting from my previous stories. Haha.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! :D

P.S. Thanks to Woot for taking time to answer my questions about Oni lore, and giving some helpful story-telling suggestions. :)
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Imolbility and romance with the village nobody.
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