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The days flew by on Gingerbread Island as the locals all adjusted to life with their new princess. It wasn't a very large island, and the population wasn't big either, meaning that somehow every single islander interacted with Rachel at some point-be it at the numerous restaurants and eateries in town, the shops, at the beach, on the street, and even in their own homes! Of course, "interacting" involving Rachel actually translated to "eating". Lots and lots of eating.

And Rachel wasn't a shy princess either. She knew she could take what she wanted, and did just that. The confident, flamboyant princess marched into restaurants (well, more like crashed her way in through the increasingly smaller doorways), ordering the entire menu and cleaning out the place before heading off to another, and another, and another...

She would devour the entire stocks of unfortunate little food stalls and vendors by the side of the road, and even at times devour the food stall itself! Yes, Rachel had finally come to realize that being on an island completely made of food was...that she could eat literally EVERYTHING.

The growing girl ate plates and bowls made of chocolate after devouring their contents, and cookie-dough-flavoured chairs after crushing them. She chomped on tables that tasted like muffins, and took huge chunks off walls made of cake.

Rachel didn't limit her feasting to public places only, of course. She would visit gingerbread islanders in their little cottages, inviting herself in and asking to be fed. The locals were very gracious hosts to their princess, who often ate their groceries for an entire week, not to mention chomping on their poofy pastry couches filled with jelly, and munching on chocolate-chip-cookie coffee tables. Rach often left their houses a mess, with huge chunks of wall having been eaten off, the bite marks evident, and even entire pieces of furniture gone. Luckily, the gingerbread people were resourceful  folk, and often took little time to rebuild what they lost due to their princess' ever-increasing appetite.

And with all this eating came growing. Rachel grew. And grew. And grew. She didn't seem to care how big she got-she still took from the gingerbread people without batting an eyelash, with only a "thank you", a chocolate-stained smile, and a massive, appreciative belch to offer in return for all they gave her. She had really settled into her role as "princess", and was loving it! And she just kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger...

Mike had left the island for a few days, just to check how everything was running back at home. Thankfully, the company was doing alright during his absence, although he had to make some managerial adjustments and tweaks before he headed off back to Gingerbread Island to check on an even bigger concern-Rachel.

Mike returned to the island 3 days after he had left, arriving in the afternoon at the island's docks. Rach had asked him to join her and the Razin family whom she hadn't seen in the past few days as well, for a nice dinner. However, it was still early, and he had time to kill so he gave his girlfriend a call to meet up with her.

He followed Rachel's directions to meet her at a cake shop she loved coming to. She said she had become a real regular customer at the place, and it was a favourite of hers. She also asked him to accompany her to a television station, where she was going to be interviewed on a local t.v. show. She had become quite the celebrity on Gingerbread Island-besides being the princess and all, her size made her hard to miss.

On the way to the cake shop, Rachel's celebrity status became apparent as he passed numerous posters and billboards featuring Rach endorsing food, clothing, and other products. Mike noticed that in some of the pictures, Rach looked even bigger, and feared those were taken more recently. He gulped as he wondered to himself just how big she was by now.

Mike arrived at the cake shop, which was located at the end of one street filled with different cafes and pastry shops and bakeries. He could smell baking goods everywhere, a hint of coffee and cinnamon, and melting sugar. It was such a sweet place to be, and he knew why Rachel loved it here. He shuddered to think how much time Rachel could spend here each day, gorging herself on fattening sweets, getting even bigger...

His worrisome thoughts were interrupted however, by a sudden tremor.

Recently, he had gotten used to the tremors caused by his overgrown girlfriend's footsteps, as she had grown so huge and heavy as to cause the earth to shake as she walked. So Mike wasn't surprised when he felt the earth under him shake rhythmically, as very heavy footsteps made their way towards his direction. What did surprise him though was the magnitude of the tremors-they had never been this strong, meaning that Rachel had never been this BIG! Still too afraid to turn around, Mike instead watched as the tables and chairs, the benches and streetlamps, and those giant cafe umbrellas set-up outside all shook and jumped in place from the force of the shaking earth.

"Mike!" boomed Rachel's voice from behind him, as the earth continued to shake.

Unable to ignore her anymore, Mike turned around to face her. He gasped.

Rachel was HUMONGOUS, having grown even more massive since he last saw her, only three days ago! She towered over every one-story shop or building on the street as she walked towards him, the ground shaking beneath her feet. Mike could see the pavement cracking under her, her every heavy footstep causing an imprint of breakage on the ground where her bare feet made contact with it.

She was wearing what appeared to be a massive, but very outgrown green bikini, similar to the blue one she had before. Mike suspected she had this one made the day he left, after she had busted her old one thanks to all her eating. This one, however, was on the brink of meeting the same fate as the blue one-the strings cut tightly into her very fleshy shoulders and back, the cups barely managing to hold her now even more gigantic boobs, which were overflowing out of the front, sides, and even bottom. They only really managed to cover her nipples. Her now even fatter, more enormous belly bulged fully exposed as her huge breasts wobbled over it, as her massive gut and love handles spilled over her poor, thong-like bikini bottom. The bikini bottom's front was almost fully covered by her huge gut, which spilt over it, while the back was practically swallowed whole by her now enormous buttocks, while her gigantic thighs bulged fully exposed.

Rachel lumbered over, the earth shaking beneath her feet as every bit of her brown, blubbery flesh jiggled with fat. Mike gazed up in awe-his gigantic girlfriend was now even bigger than the single-level shops and buildings in town, which only managed to reach chest or belly-level. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her huge boobs and belly were smashing against overhanging street lamps and traffic lights, knocking them over as they got in her way. The alarms of cars parked by the roadside sounded, as the vehicles jumped in their place from the force of Rachel's footsteps.  

"They just HAD to keep feeding her" went Mike worriedly, as he gazed up at his enormous girlfriend.

"Mike!" she went again with a smile, her double chin obvious as she grinned at her boyfriend, who looked even tinier than she remembered. Mike noticed that her face had grown fatter too-her cheeks were definitely fuller, as if she always had something stuffed in them. "Ohhhh, wait a second" she went, spotting something by the road side, a hungry look crossing her face.

"Mind if I borrow this?" she said, licking her lips as she bent down to pick up an ice cream vendor's ice cream cart, her massive shadow falling over the poor vendor who shook his head hastily in agreement. As she bent down, her enormous ass collided with another street lamp on the other side of the road, knocking it over. She turned to pick up the entire ice cream cart, which looked like a small shoebox in her arms. As she did, Mike (and everyone else) got a really good view of her titanic ass, which was hardly covered by her bikini bottom. Mike noticed that even Rachel's back fat was pouring all over the straps of her poor bikini top, which was working so hard to keep from bursting. She lifted the ice cream cart to her mouth hungrily, opening the lid, and began dumping all its contents into her mouth.

When she was done, she tossed it aside carelessly, licking her lips and wiping her mouth. Mike couldn't believe Rachel had just lifted an entire ice cream cart, and gobbled down all its contents in a single go. No wonder she was getting so big.

"Ahhhh, that was good" she said, rubbing her enormous belly, which jiggled blubberily.

As she came up to Mike, she cast an enormous shadow over her tiny boyfriend.

"Hey Mike! How's it going?" she said with a grin. She turned to look down at her boyfriend, but instead only saw a sea of her own massive cleavage bulging back up at her, her brown breast flesh overflowing out of her bikini top which barely held on. "Errr...Mike? You there?" she went, staring down at her own gigantic boobs, which blocked her view.

Mike gulped. As he stood and stared up, he realized he didn't even reach Rachel's knees in terms of height-she was gigantic. The girl couldn't even see past her own chest! Well, even if she could, she'd still have that massive belly to see past-as Mike stared up at her, he couldn't see anything past her giant belly that loomed overhead. Rach needed a diet, and fast.

He took a few steps backwards, until eventually, he came into his girlfriend's view.

"Oh, there you are! I thought I accidentally crushed you or something" said Rachel casually with a laugh. She then spotted a nearby pastry vendor, and without asking permission, picked up his cart of éclairs and doughnuts.

"I don't know if you've noticed..." began Rachel, licking her lips as she proceeded to dump the cart's contents into her mouth greedily. When she was done, she tossed the cart aside carelessly, which landed with a crash several feet away, almost crushing a random bystander. "...but I've put on a bit of weight since you last saw me" she admitted, reaching for a nearby water tank to wash down all that dough. The water tank was labelled "CHOCOLATE", in bold brown letters, and was actually liquid chocolate the shop used as icing, coating, or filing. Needless to say, it was very fattening.

The powerful Rachel yanked it off its hinges with her two hands and, bringing it over her head, tipped its thick, fattening contents into her mouth, gulping down the pure liquid chocolate as if it were water. When she was done, she tossed it aside too.

Mike stared up at his girlfriend in disbelief. She had just eaten two cartfuls of food, and drained a small water tank of liquid chocolate in the time it took for her to walk over to him from across the street!

"BBBUUUUURRRRRPPPPP!!!" went Rach, letting out a shamelessly huge belch that seemed to shake the town, causing pedestrians to turn and look. Mike apologized shamefully for his oversized girlfriend.

The couple were soon walking through town, making their way to their destination-the television studio where she would be interviewed in front of a live studio audience.

"Ugh, and I had this custom-made just yesterday!" went Rachel, rolling her eyes as she complained about the fit of her bikini. She looked down to see her nipples starting to poke out of the bikini's way too small cups, which also just barely managed to keep from bursting against her titanic, jiggling breasts. "I swear those seamstresses always get my size wrong...that, or I've been eating too much again" she admitted with a laugh, patting her gigantic belly that covered her bikini bottom completely.

As they made their way through the colourful Gingerbread Town, Mike watched fearfully as Rachel picked up food items, sometimes entire food carts and small booths, and basically dumped anything she got her hands on into her hungry mouth on the go. She even broke off pieces of the stores by the side of the road, munching on them too. Mike had almost forgotten that everything on the island was completely edible-everything was food, basically, in Rachel's eyes.

Mike had to jog to keep pace with Rach's huge strides, with her every footstep causing the pavement to crack under her weight, and the ground to shake heavily. Each footstep also made every bit of her blubbery exposed brown flesh-her gigantic boobs, her massive belly, her enormous thighs and ass-to jiggle. It was hot too, and the enormous girl was soaked with sweat, her brown skin glistening in the sun as it wobbled.  

The audience applauded as Christy, the host of the local talkshow "Christy Chats", walked onstage and on camera. She was a beautiful, slender woman with auburn hair and the typical tanned skin of a gingerbread islander. The set of the talk show was nice and colourful, and the woman sat on an easy chair next to a large couch where her guest of the day presumably sat. She was just introducing her next guest, who's picture flashed on a large monitor behind the set.

"We have a very special guest on the show today, one audiences all over the island have been requesting we ask to guest. Due to her busy schedule ever since she arrived, I've only been able to book her today" laughed Christy the host, and the audience chortled along with her.

"Her latest photo shoot for a local clothing line has just been released just yesterday, and I must say she looks very, very healthy in it" commented the host, as a picture of Rachel modelling a yellow spaghetti strap to. Her cleavage was pushing out of the top which, despite being new in the photo, was already showing her belly button as her fat gut spilled over her waistband. Down below, she wore a pair of white short shorts that hugged her huge ass tightly, showing off her massive thighs as the button on the waist struggled against her belly. "Today she will model for us some other new material from her clothing line and talk about her life so far on Gingerbread Island, please welcome our very own...princess Rachel!"

The audience burst into applause as the camera panned to a set of double doors to the right of the stage, where the guest usually walked in. Instead of the automatic doors opening on their own and Christy's guest walking in, waving and all smiles, the doors suddenly burst open and the entire set shook, as an enormous Rachel smashed through, head and chest first. She was on all fours, too big and tall to walk in through the door, having to crawl through. But even then, she was apparently too large for the double doors as she was having a bit of trouble squeezing through.

"Urghhh...I'm here!" she groaned, using her big arms to push against the surrounding wall, which began to crack as she squeezed her way in.

"Princess Rachel everyone!" smiled Christy, stunned for a moment by Rach's sheer size, and the audience roared in response.

Rachel continued to squeeze her way in inch by inch, her fat bulging against the cracking doorframe as her humongous chest, already in, bulged onto the floor, cleavage exploding out of the now too tight spag top, groaning in protest against her chest's weight.

On the other side, backstage, Mike was pushing with all his might against his girlfriend's enormous behind. Him, and around ten other staff members, that is.

"Ughhh...oh Rach..." he groaned, as he sunk into one of her gigantic ass cheeks as he pushed. "...I guess you aren't too concerned about the camera adding an extra ten pounds!"

It took her a couple more minutes to squeeze her entire self through the doorway, which, by the time she was through, was completely destroyed.

As Rachel stood in the studio, the audience, and everyone watching at home got a full-body shot, and a good view of just how huge she now was. The massive girl, standing in the sizeable studio, couldn't even stand at full height-she was hunched over considerably, her knees bent as her head, shoulders, and upper back pressed against the ceiling. It was obvious her outfit from yesterday's shoot didn't fit her as well anymore.

The yellow spag top, which showed a good amount of belly before, looked more like a bra now-the thing barely even managed to cover her boobs, for crying out loud. The tight-fitting fabric stretched to its limits over Rachel's now even more massive bust, having ripped down the front and sides since she had grown that much since yesterday. An enormous amount of cleavage was bulging forth out the front, while more boob flesh overflowed out of the sides while her humongous belly spilled fully exposed over her now almost invisible short shorts-the poor shorts had ripped considerably along the waistband, were unbuttoned and unzipped to the max, and were almost fully covered by Rach's huge gut and love handles. Her ass, now even more massive, was hardly covered by the now panty-like shorts that reached over barely a fourth of her titanic buttocks, which were left practically fully exposed. Not only that, but the shorts themselves had ripped down the back to show off Rachel's now thong-like bikini bottom which she was thankfully wearing under, although it made little difference since the poor thing was sandwiched between her massive buttocks. Her now even more gigantic thighs were of course fully exposed.

"Princess Rachel, so good to finally have you! don't look too comfortable there. Feel free to stand up straight" said Christy modestly, as she watched Rachel struggle with her posture.

"You sure? Alright then. But, you should really make your studio bigger" said Rachel, straightening up.

As she did, the entire studio shook as the gigantic girl's upper body smashed through the chocolate ceiling and out the top of the studio's roof. Bits of the roof rained into the studio, which now had a gaping hole where Rachel stood, her head, shoulders, and chest towering out of the studio so that viewers at home only got a view of her big, fat belly bulging over her shorts bottom, and her humongous ass and thighs.

"Umm...why don't you have a seat over here, princess Rachel?" went Christy nervously, staring up as she motioned to the couch next to where she sat, the camera pointing upwards as well. Only a small bit of Rachel's face was seen though, as most of it was blocked by her titanic boobs.

"Alright, don't mind if I do" said Rach casually in reply, as she began to lumber over to the nearby couch. It only took two giant steps, but in those two steps Rachel managed to destroy more of the studio's roof and crack the tiled floor of the studio as the entire place shook with her every heavy footstep. She also crushed the entire couch, which was no match at all for her gigantic ass, which squashed the couch completely under all that blubber.

From backstage, Mike watched on a monitor his girlfriend destroy the talk show set and winced. He'd have to remind himself to apologize to Christy later, for that.

Now seated, the camera got a full view of Rachel, who's head would just be brushing against the high ceiling of the studio-if it was still there, that is.

"Oops, sorry about the couch" apologized Rachel, looking down and seeing none of the couch under her ginormous behind. "And the doorway. And the roof. And the floor" she went with a laugh. "I've been...errr...putting on some weight lately".

"We noticed" commented Christy with a friendly smile, and the audience laughed. "It looks like you've been working pretty hard as Gingerbread Island's princess" said Christy, stretching out a hand and poking Rach in her huge belly, which wobbled blubberily as it bulged onto her lap.

"I sure have" went Rachel with a smile. Suddenly, her big belly let out a loud grumble. "Speaking of which, you got anything to eat? I'm starving-I haven't eaten at all since I got here!"

The crowd laughed and applauded.

"Please don't give her anything to eat" whispered Mike to himself hopefully backstage.

"Of course, princess Rachel, how rude of me!" said Christy, looking around at her staff behind the camera, who whipped out a walkie-talkie and said something into it. A second later, another door from backstage opened and a couple of figures came walking onto the stage-they were vendors from the street, pushing their carts of goods and treats, the carts which Rach just loved to empty on a regular basis.

"Here you are, princess Rachel, a little "snack" by your standards. These nice vendors heard about you coming to my show and volunteered to help feed their princess" smiled Christy, motioning to the vendors who pushed their carts up beside Rachel. Each cart had a specialty. Some were filled with cream-filled doughnuts of all kinds, others with different types of cookies, still others with ice cream and others with cake. The one thing they had in common though was that they were all fattening, and they all made Rachel's mouth water.

"Are you kidding me??" sighed Mike, as he watched the cartfuls of fattening sweets roll towards Rachel. It's like these people were TRYING to make her fatter!

"Aww that is so nice of you guys" said Rachel hungrily, reaching down from where she sat to pick up the nearest cart, one filled with different cakes. She lifted the cart off the ground easily with her two hands, and placed it on her cushiony lap, in front of her bulging belly.

Rachel then reached in and grabbed an entire chocolate cake in one hand. It looked the size of a small burger to her. In one bite half of the cake was gone.

"Mmmm! You guys make a princess' job a lot easier!" she said through a mouthful of chocolate as she popped the other half of the cake into her still-fill maw greedily while reaching for another with her free hand, and stretching out the other to grab a couple of doughnuts from another cart.

Christy watched in awe for a moment, unable to speak as she gazed up at the enormous Rachel, mowing through entire carts of food as a "snack". No wonder the girl was so huge!

She snapped back to reality though when something else came to join them onstage-a small truck, the kind that normally transported water. It was only slightly bigger than one of the vendo carts, with only two seats upfront, but at the back it carried a large cylindrical vat of liquid.

"Oh, and here's something to wash it all down with, princess" said Christy, returning to her senses as the truck beeped as it backed up towards Rachel. It parked and the driver hopped out, hurrying to the tank and reeling out a large, thick hose that was attached to it. He went up to Rachel and offered the hose.

"Thanks!" said Rachel, taking the end of the hose, putting it to her mouth, and sipping. The liquid that entered her was thick and rich, the most delicious she had ever tasted.

"Liquid chocolate, straight from the deepest forests of Gingerbread Island!" said Christy, as if proud of being able to procure the rare good.

"It's soooo good!" went Rachel, her mouth stained with chocolate as she licked her lips. She then busied herself once more with the cartfuls of food from the vendors.

"Glad you like it" smiled Christy friendlily up at the humongous woman. "This stuff will help a lot with your work as princess, huh?" she went, motioning to the ridiculous amounts of food onstage, just serving as Rachel's "snack".

"Oh definitely" replied Rachel through a mouthful of pastry, continuously reaching for more food while taking simultaneous sips from the chocolate. Her lips and fingers were stained with chocolate, and she looked quite piggish and messy, but she didn't care, even on television. "I've been working so hard these past few days, isn't it obvious?" she said, licking her fingers as the camera got a view of her from below, only to have most of her head blocked by the girl's enormous belly and boobs.

"Errr...yes, it is, princess Rachel! Speaking of which, one of our audience members has a question for you-he's one of your biggest fans, he says" said Christy, walking offstage and towards the bleachers where the audience sat. One of the guys was standing up with a microphone, ready to ask a question.

"Sure, go ahead" went Rachel, turning to the man from where she sat.

The man looked to the host, who nodded as if to say "go ahead".

" like, I have a question" he said nervously. "Princess Rachel, how do you feel about being this gigantic, and how did you ever manage to get this fat?"

Rachel got up from where she sat onstage, smashing through the roof once more, and lumbered over to the guy. The man shook like a leaf as the entire set shook with Rachel's heavy footsteps, as her massive shadow fell over him and a good number of the audience.

"Excuse me?" went Rachel, putting her hands on her very meaty hips as she looked down with a raised eyebrow at the man who had called her fat (she had to step back a bit though since she couldn't see him past those massive boobs of hers).

The man gulped.

"Ummm...I mean, big, big! How did you ever manage to get this big?" he stammered.

Christy, looked up nervously at the gigantic girl, and stepped in bravely.

"Princess Rachel, you must understand that for us gingerbread islanders, commenting on your size and weight are complements!" she explained to Rachel, who, after all, had become princess of the island so fast she had little time to learn of the customs on Gingerbread Island. "You do know that it is your duty as princess to eat as much as you want, and we all simply admire how much you've stuck to and followed your duties" smiled Christy nervously.

"Really?" went Rach thoughtfully.

"Yes!" smiled Christy up at the huge girl. She had, after all, been carrying out her "duties" very, VERY well, and the gingerbread people loved her for it. "So pardon us if we say words like "big" and "fat" to describe you, since we are great admirers of you and how much you've progressed as our princess" she went on. "To put it simply, we just love how huge you've been getting!"

The crowd then burst into applause, as the host masterfully expressed what was on all their minds.

"No way!" went Mike, backstage.

"Ohhhhhh now I get it" said Rachel dimly, nodding her head in understanding as she grinned down at the crowd applauding her. "No wonder you guys are so nice to me, and feed me so much! It's to help me fulfil my duties as princess! And you guys really want me to get big, huh?"

The crowd erupted in applause once more in response.

"Haha! Aww you're all so sweet. Sorry for taking all your complements wrongly then" grinned Rachel down at the crowd. She had to admit as she stared down at her own sea of overflowing cleavage and the crowd of people way below, she was getting pretty damn huge. She was actually really liking it too, but what Christy told her to day just reinforced her feelings even more. And she had no problems with the idea of her getting even fatter, she'd just have to go on a really good diet once she got back home. And she just loved the complements about her size-Rach was a girl who just loved attention!

"And no more holding back on the complements, alright? I totally understand them now, and totally love them!" she said, as her huge belly and boobs blocked her face from the view of the crowd. "I mean, I have to say, I have been getting pretty darn massive these past few days as your princess" she grinned, and the crowd cheered in response once more.

Rachel, satisfied and feeling even more confident, lumbered back towards her seat onstage, the entire studio shaking as the camera got a good view of her massive behind jiggling against her too-small shorts, along with those enormous thighs. The earth shook violently one more time as she sat back down on top of the completely crushed couch.

Christy rejoined the huge Rachel onstage, who was already returning to her meal, now with even more gusto than before. It was as if this revelation of how the gingerbread people saw her hugeness bestowed upon her a newfound hunger, even greater than before. She loved eating, they loved her gaining weight, it was a win-win situation! Now all she had to do was promise Mike she'd hit the gym once she got back home.

"So, let's move on to your modelling" said Christy, as the image from before of Rachel in her top and shorts appeared on the large monitor. Well, when the clothes still fit her properly. "It looks like you've outgrown this outfit a bit, princess Rachel. Tell us about how it fits you now".

Rachel grinned. She loved how everyone loved her getting bigger, and she just loved how big she was getting. She looked down past her massive boobs, bulging out of her ripped top, at Christy who looked so small, blocked by her massive balcony of a chest. As she continued to stuff her face with entire cartfuls of food, she began thinking of just how huge she was getting, and grinned even more. She had never been this fat in her life, but she was really loving it.

"Well" she began through a mouthful of food. She loved talking about herself, being a confident girl and all. She decided to start with her enormous belly, which wasn't exactly hard to miss. "I'd like to start with my belly, but I can't see it too well on account of some things blocking my view" she grinned, looking down only to see her enormous cleavage bulging back up at her. The crowd laughed in reply to her joke.

Having trouble seeing her belly (which meant her boobs really were gigantic, considering how equally enormous her belly was), Rachel placed her palms on the ground behind her and leaned back comfortably, until a smooth, massive roll of spare tire came into view, followed by the rest of an absolutely huge, well-fed gut bulging onto her lap. She couldn't even see her short shorts under all that belly fat anymore.

"That's better" she said, still leaning back on one hand for support as she placed the other on her enormous gut, her cleavage bulging against her face. Her belly then let out a loud growl, and Rachel reached out for more snacks from one of the nearby vendor carts.

"Wow, I cannot believe how huge this has gotten! Look at the size of this thing!" she said through a mouthful of cake, rubbing her enormous gut. "Cameraman, get a good shot of this" she went, grabbing her belly fat and jiggling it for the camera. "I want the viewers at home to see where all their taxes have been going" laughed Rachel, and the crowd laughed and cheered in reply.

"Anyway, for starters, this top wasn't supposed to be a belly shirt" she went, rubbing her fully exposed belly as it bulged onto her lap. "Let's just say I gotta cut down on all the cake" she said even as crumbs of chocolate cake spilled out of her mouth as she patted her huge gut, which made it wobble with fat.

Mike sighed backstage. His girlfriend looked ENORMOUS.

"Do you think you can button it up, princess Rachel?" asked Christy.

"Errr..." she began, looking down again past her gigantic boobs at her huge gut, overflowing onto her thighs. She couldn't even see her poor shorts-her bulging brown blubber was everywhere. "...maybe I could use a little help?"

Christy turned towards the audience. "Any volunteers?"

Immediately, several hands shot up, others jumping up from their seat with enthusiasm.

", sir!" said Christy, pointing to a random man from the audience. The young man let out a yelp and hurried onstage.

The guy had never been this close to the princess, but now, as he walked up to her while she sat on the stage stuffing her face with entire cartfuls of food, drinking pure liquid chocolate from a truck, he was just beginning to realize just how massively fat she was.

As he came up to her, he looked up and saw she towered over him easily even while seated. Her enormous thighs were even thicker than he was tall!

"C'mon honey, just climb on up" said Rachel through a mouthful of creamy éclairs, having trouble seeing the guy past a huge bulge of her own side-boob that was pouring out of her ripped spag top.

The man smiled back nervously, placing his hands on top of one of Rachel's gigantic thighs. They sank in, her thighs soft and blubbery, but he managed to hoist himself up onto the girl's enormous leg, his feet too sinking in the tan softness. Her skin was smooth and flawless even up close, he noticed, without a single dimple of cellulite-just smooth, brown flesh everywhere.

He walked across Rachel's lap towards her belly, which was like walking on top of a waterbed, each of his steps sending ripples of jiggling through Rachel's huge thighs. Finally, he stood before her massive belly, her gut bulging hugely in front of him. He looked down for a sign of Rachel's shorts-they weren't there. Her shorts were completely covered by her overfed gut, and he realized he'd have to lift the huge, heavy-looking belly to get to them. He gulped.

"What's the matter, honey?" asked Rachel.

"I think I'll need some help" said the man nervously, reaching out and putting a hand on the girl's enormous belly. It felt like jell-o.

Rachel thought for a moment. "I think I know just the man to help you...don't worry, he's got plenty of experience" she grinned.

A moment later, the audience cheered as Mike stepped out onstage.

"Everyone, my boyfriend Mike!" said Rachel, and Mike waved bashfully as the audience roared. He climbed up onto his gigantic girlfriend's lap, joining the man from earlier, who smiled friendlily. And then both men set to work, while Rachel returned to her feasting.

Meanwhile, Mike and the random audience member planned how they were going to go about going into battle against Rachel's massive gut in front of a live audience and camera crew.

"Err...why don't you lift her belly, and I'll find the ends of the shorts we have to button up" said Mike, and the random guy nodded in agreement, eager to feel the weight of the princess' huge belly.

"There!" went Mike, spotting a hint of fabric under the lifted portion of her belly. He dove in bravely, grabbing both ends of the shorts, holding them tightly. The audience applauded.

"Nice one Mikey! Oh, did you guys know I took up belly dancing for a while, before I came to this island?" said Rachel, speaking to the audience. The audience ooh-ed and ahh-ed. "Yeah, I wasn't so good in the 'technique' department, but it was a different story when it came to the 'natural physique' department" admitted Rach, grinning as she remembered her belly dancing lessons, wherein she spent most of her time stuffing her face and basically showing of how fat she was getting.

"My teacher said I had a naturally good belly dancing physique" went on Rachel, as she picked up the entire cart of brownies (which was almost empty), and dumped the remaining contents into her mouth greedily. Mike and the man doing up her shorts though they could feel her belly grow bigger. "and I guess you guys can see why!" she went through a mouthful of cookies, looking down past her gigantic boobs at the huge belly that the two men were struggling with.

Christy, approached the massive woman, and turned to the random audience guy holding up her shorts.

"Sir, what can you say about princess Rachel and belly dancing?" asked the host politely.

The man struggled with the weight for a moment before replying. "Well...urgghhh...I must say, she seems like a VERY good belly-dancer, based on...urgghhh..." he groaned, heaving her enormous belly up with difficulty. "...all of THIS!"

The audience laughed and applauded.

"Funny you should mention that!" grinned Rachel. "I spent most of my days in belly dancing class eating and eating and eating, and my teacher said I kept getting "better and better and better"-now look how GOOD I am!" she said, watching as the man struggled to hold up just a part of her huge belly, and Mike struggled to do up the shorts. "What do you say, Mike?"

"Urgghhh...Rach, you're probably...urgghhh...the "best" belly dancer in the world...urgghhh...based on THIS!" he groaned in reply, the ends of her shorts not even close to touching, let alone buttoning up. "These shorts are never going to close!"

Rachel let out a fake sigh, as she reached for more cake. "Alright, alright, I give up-I guess I have gotten too big for those shorts. Can I breathe now?" she asked, looking down at the two men.

"What do you mean-!" went Mike in surprise, but he was cut off as Rachel's belly bulged out even larger than before, smothering Mike and the poor audience volunteer under all that blubber. Apparently, before they had started buttoning her up, Rachel had "sucked in" what she could of her huge belly to help the two men out. Realizing she was too big for the shorts even then, she now let her belly loose back to its full size.

"Oops, sorry boys!" grinned Rachel, stretching her neck and pressing her massive boobs closer so she could see past them. She saw her huge gut bulging over the two men, who were each lying down on one of her thighs, pinned down until the chest by her huge gut. "I forgot to tell you I was 'sucking it in' while you were buttoning me up! I guess I AM too big for these shorts" she sighed fakely, letting her boobs go (which bounced and wobbled freely against the groaning top) and giving her huge gut a rub.

The audience gasped in awe at the image before them-their princess, now so gigantic that she filled up almost the entire stage as she sat down on top of the crushed couch, was downing entire cartfuls of food casually as snacks while her belly smooshed two poor men (who lay on her enormous thighs) under all its blubber. They could not believe just how fat their princess had become. She was already huge when she first arrived on the island, but now she had grown absolutely enormous. How much bigger could she get? The audience were captivated.

Rachel saw the looks of awe and wonder in their faces and smiled. She had never felt so humongous, and yet so good at the same time! She loved the attention, and the reactions, and wanted more.

"Speaking of shorts..."  began Rachel, deciding to showcase yet another asset of hers now that she had shown off her enormous belly. "...could you two boys step aside for a minute, so I could show all these people how nice my shorts fit?" she said, reaching down with both hands and lifting her massive belly off the two men. Dazed, they hopped off her thighs as she released her belly, which flopped back down onto her lap, sending waves of jiggling through it and her huge thighs.

"Thanks honeys!" she grinned as she began to stand up again. As before, her upper half towered right out of the destroyed roof of the television station while her lower half remained inside.

" shorts have gotten a wee bit tighter since the other day, and you can see why..." she began, turning around so that the camera and audience got a good view of her entire, enormous butt. "...I mean, look at the size of this thing! My ass is gigantic!" she laughed, as her massive behind cast a shadow over the audience, her poor ripped shorts creaking against its size. Rachel had the gift of, despite being this size, not being ridden by unsightly cellulite-her gigantic buttocks and thighs were smooth and even. Blubbery, yes, but smooth.

"It does look like it took some effort to get those on" said Christy nervously, as she could hear the fabric of Rachel's shorts groaning. Christy winced as she could see that the tears in Rachel's shorts (the giant one down the back and the numerous ones along the waistband) were growing bigger as the fabric gave way to the pressure of her huge ass.

"Actually, I wanted to show you guys something else..." went Rachel thoughtfully, putting her hands on her thick hips as she tried to remember. "...oh, my bikini! Christy, show them a sample of my shoot with the bikini!" she said, her enormous ass still facing the audience. Even the slightest movement of her body as she looked down at Christy caused her enormous, almost fully-exposed ass to wobble with fat along with those huge thighs.

"Oh, of course princess Rachel!" said Christy, motioning to her crew. They pushed a few buttons and an image of Rachel appeared once more onscreen-it was that of her in the skimpy green bikini she was wearing earlier today, although this photo was taken during a time it fit better. The cups actually managed to hold her huge boobs well, and the bottom could actually stretch over and cover most of her massive behind.

"See, doesn't it look great? I'm wearing that same bikini right now, underneath these darn outgrown clothes" said Rachel, rolling her eyes as she looked down at her groaning, ripping top and shorts. "I had them made on the same day, but thankfully the bikini fits better" promised Rachel.

"Would the audience like to see the bikini?" went Christy with a smile, turning to the audience, already knowing the answer.

The audience roared in response, whistling and cheering.

Rachel grinned. She just loved the attention.

"Alright, lemme just get these darn shorts off..." she went, looking down and seeing very little of her shorts to grab onto, since it was being covered by her overflowing belly fat and love handles. "Err...Christy, sweetie, could you call some of your staff? I may need a little help getting out of these shorts".

"Certainly, princess Rachel" smiled Christy.

"Alright, while we wait for them, lemme just finish up this cart of ice cream..." said the greedy princess hungrily, licking her lips as she bent down to pick up the near-empty vending cart, her shorts groaning loudly in protest, the audience wincing a bit. However, her shorts could take it no longer.


The sound of the shorts ripping echoed throughout the studio, as the poor shorts practically exploded apart, the audience gasping as torn fabric rained down on them from above. When the fabric had stopped falling, they looked up to see Rachel's gigantic, brown behind bulging above them, casting a massive shadow over them as it seemed to eclipse the now setting sun. Her ass was now fully exposed, and the only sign of any bikini bottom being there was a small hint of green peeking out the top of her butt cheeks, the back part of the bikini bottom completely swallowed between Rachel's enormous buttocks. Even the bikini's waistband was gone-it was so tight that it sunk deep into her blubbery hips, as her bulging love handles and gut completely covered it (as well as the bikini's front).

Rachel, meanwhile, was now standing back up straight and tipping the remains of the ice cream cart into her mouth. She didn't seem to have noticed her shorts ripping apart, her buttocks still jiggling from the incident.  

After tossing the now empty ice cream cart aside though, Rachel finally took notice.

"Oh! Ummm...never mind, Christy, I don't need your staff's help anymore. I uhhh...managed to "get out" of my shorts on my own" she laughed, turning and looking down at her fully exposed, enormous butt. She reached down and gave it a hearty slap, which only made it and her massive thighs wobble more. "Damn I've got a big ass!"

The audience responded with cheers and applause once more.

"Princess Rachel, would you like to say a few words about how the bikini bottom fits you?" asked Christy with a polite smile, staring up at Rach's gigantic, globular ass cheeks. "Although I must's...err...kind of hard to locate..." she went on, unable to see any trace of the bikini bottom amidst all that ass.

"Oh, it fits perfectly! Can't you see it? It's there between my butt cheeks" said Rachel, turning her head and looking down at her massive behind. It stuck out like a shelf behind her. Admittedly, she couldn't see much of the green bikini bottom herself, save a little bit of green poking out of the top of her crack, and some of the waistband that wasn't covered by blubber near her lower back. "Okay, so maybe it's not THAT obvious. I know my ass has gotten enormous" she grinned.

Rachel, who felt like the biggest (not to mention hugest, blubburiest, and fattest) star in the world, wasn't done showing off just yet-she still had the full bikini to show off! Time for the top.

Deciding the audience had had enough of her titanic buttocks, she turned around once more from where she stood onstage to face them. As she turned, the entire studio rumbled with her every heavy step, and every bit of her brown, blubbery frame jiggled.

"Alright, who wants to see the bikini top too?" grinned Rachel down at the audience, seeing only half of the crowd since the other half was covered by her enormous boobs that blocked her way.

As expected, the crowd roared in reply.

"Okay, you guys asked for it" she said, sitting back down on stage, the entire studio shaking yet again as her massive butt smashed onto the stage, which was now quite broken. As the entire studio shook, so did her massive bulging cleavage, wobbling and jiggling as it poured out of her torn top.

"Princess Rachel, many of our male audience members say they have always been fans of your enormous top, ever since you came to the island" said Christy, looking up in Rach in awe-the girl's face was hard to see past her gigantic chest. "But now that you've gotten even BIGGER, they are even more impressed. They say your chest has gotten enormous, and can't wait to see it in your bikini".

Rachel grinned, feeling bigger, fatter, but sexier than ever. Sure it was a bit of a hassle not being able to see anything under you, but she loved her huge boobs just as much as she loved the rest of her massive self.

"Well then, I can't wait to show it off to them" she winked, placing her palms on the ground as she did before and leaning back. This action made her chest thrust out even more, a massive balcony of flesh bulging on top of her enormous belly. The audience members winced a little as they could hear the fabric of her top groaning and creaking.

"Although, I don't think I've gotten THAT much bigger up here..." she grinned teasingly, as she stuck up her fat arms, pretending to stretch as she casually stuck out her enormous chest further. That was all the top could take.


The poor top, pushed to its limits, tore right in half, the giant tear down the front splitting all the way down the length of the top. Rachel's poor spaghetti strap top ripped right off her chest, falling away as useless bits of cloth as her enormous boobs, now more free, came tumbling out of their prison, jiggling all the way.

The crowd gasped-Rachel's bikini top was definitely not PG 13. The poor thing fit even worse than it did earlier today, on account of all the eating Rachel had been doing since then, and since she arrived on the show. That's just how fast the girl grew, and how much she ate. It were barely there anymore, hardly able to cover any of Rachel's gigantic breasts, as all that soft, jiggling brown breast flesh poured out against the straps and cups of the bikini top. Her nipples, which were only starting to poke out of their confines last time she checked, were now completely uncovered, unheld by even the cups for all to see. They were taunt and obvious as they lay exposed. She had just burst out of another item of clothing, and Rachel felt incredibly sexy, and incredibly HUGE. The string like straps dug into her meaty shoulders and back, and the ones at the back were covered by corpulent amounts of meaty back fat. At the sides too, the straps were completely concealed by her overflowing side boob, and those along the front stretched to their limits as they struggled to reach all the way across Rachel's gigantic boobs. They failed, though-the lowest point of the bikini top, the cups, didn't even reach her nipples which had fallen out, now fully exposed. A massive amount of underboob was bulging out, spilling over the top of her huge belly as she sat.

"Oops, sorry about that! We're on live television, right? Maybe you guys could make my nipples blurry or something, like they do on t.v." said Rachel, looking down to see just how massive her boobs had gotten, exploding out of the bikini top. "Or I could just cover 'em..." she began, grabbing the tiny cups of the top and pathetically trying to stretch them over her nipples as she supported her enormous boobs in her arms. The entire scene was filled with jiggling. When she let go, her enormous boobs bounced back out freely, the cups sighing as they slid back off her nipples once more. "...or not."

Christy gasped. The princess was bulging out of her bikini top, on television, on HER show! She sighed. It would have to slide-it was princess Rachel anyway. She was sure the board would understand.

"W-wow" stammered Christy, gazing up at the enormous balcony of a chest looming over her, nipples exposed as breast flesh overflowed out of the now string-like bikini. "You've certainly grown since you last used that bikini!"

"Ummm...yeah, that was only a few days ago though" said Rachel thoughtfully. "I've been eating so much lately!" she went, rubbing her enormous belly as it bulged onto her lap. The rubbing actually sent waves of jiggling not just through her belly, but through her huge boobs as well.

"Anyway..." began Rachel, lying down on the stage which shook as her upper body smashed onto its surface. "...what do you think of the bikini?" she winked, turning her massive body so that she faced the audience while she lay on her side. As she did, her enormous chest and belly crashed onto the stage heavily, the stage's surface cracking from the impact as the entire thing shook.

Christy stared in awe at the massive princess, her bikini barely there against all her bulging, brown blubber. With Rachel stretched out onstage like that on her side, her hugeness bulging all over, everyone could see how poorly her bikini managed to fit her. The cups of the top couldn't even cover her nipples, instead riding up as the straps dug into her oversized chest, massive amounts of side-boob pouring over the side straps and onto the stage. Her cleavage, of course, was something else, and all that underboob bulging out from under her cups poured onstage as well.

Rachel's belly joined her enormous chest, bulging all over the stage. Her brown, blubbery belly was now so big and fat that it covered her bikini bottom's front completely. It even managed to cover the poor thing's waistband, her bulging love handles spilling over the strap at the sides. The bikini bottom was further hidden between Rach's gigantic thighs, the waistband digging into her massive thick hips as her belly bulged over it.

"Well, princess Rachel, frankly I'm surprised its managed to hold on this long" said Christy, walking along the length of the massive princess stretched out on stage. She stopped where Rach's massive bust poured onto the stage, and looked up at the gigantic girl's face.

"Yeah, well I really did my best to squeeze into it so I could show you all" grinned Rachel, having to look down at Christy as her elbows kept her upper back raised off the ground, although not high enough to keep her huge boobs from bulging onstage. As she looked down, her obvious double chin appeared even more.

"Don't you love how huge it makes me look?" she asked with a grin, reaching for cake from a nearby cart. Christy watched a massive brown arm stretch out over her, Rach's flabby tricep wobbling as she reached for the fattening treat. She grabbed an entire caramel cake in one hand and took a huge bite.

"It makes you look enormous, princess" gasped Christy, watching Rach chew the cake in her mouth for a second, swallow, toss the remaining half of the cake in, while reaching for yet another from the cart. No wonder she was so fat.

"Thanks" winked Rachel.

The show pressed on, with Christy asking more questions from Rachel about how she was adjusting to life on the island, how she enjoyed her role as princess, and lots more questions about how fat she was getting.

All the while, of course, Rachel ate and ate and ate. Cart after cart of food vanished into her ever-hungry, overfed stomach, and found its way onto her growing boobs, arms, belly, butt, thighs, and everywhere else. The crowd knew she was getting fatter-they could see the barely visible straps of her bikini digging tighter into her blubbery flesh, and yet the girl kept eating.

Finally, the show as almost over and Christy was wrapping it up.

"It was great to have you, princess Rachel. Before you say goodbye though, is there anything else you'd like to say to your subjects on Gingerbread Island?" asked Christy, looking up at the massive princess.

Rachel was now sitting onstage, having gotten up from her previous lying-down position to reach for more food easier. She was leaning back a bit though, like she did before with her palms on the ground behind her supporting her, since she couldn't see her interviewer, Christy, past her own enormous boobs. She was also, however, down to her last cart of food, having eaten everything. Also obvious to the crowd was that Rachel was now noticeably even fatter than when she first came to the show, thanks to the cartfuls of food she had consumed.

"Umm, well I just wanna say thanks to all of you!" she said through a mouthful of vanilla cream cake, her mouth and hands stained with different colours from all the sweets. She leaned on one strong arm as she stretched out the other to grab more cake from her last cart.

The cameraman, who had decided to position himself beside Christy who stood between Rachel's humongous thighs (she had to stand pretty far back since most of her huge thighs bulged onto the stage against each other, not offering any space to stand in), turned upwards to get a good view of Rachel as she left her final message for the show. What he got, though, was a shot of Rachel's enormous belly bulging overhead, her gigantic boobs looming over, and quite little of Rachel's actual face looking down and grinning at the camera through a mouthful of cake.

"Thanks for being so darn generous to your princess" she continued, grinning down at the camera past her own titanic chest and gut. "If you guys continue to keep being so 'generous', you're going to have a whole lot more princess to worship, if you know what I mean" she winked, rubbing her gigantic gut for the camera after tossing her last bit of cake into her mouth. Now all out of food, the enormous girl decided to wash it all down with the last of the liquid chocolate from the tank on the little pick-up.

"What', for princess Rachel?" went Christy, pausing a bit as she watched the gigantic Rachel reach over with both hands, clasp the tank on the truck on either side, and tear the thing right off the truck.

"Hmmm, good question..." began Rachel, looking thoughtful as she held the tank of chocolate firmly in her hands. It looked like a slightly large water dispenser in her arms, like the kinds you find at the office. She was a big girl.

"Well, I definitely plan on staying here a bit longer, since you guys have been so good to me" she said happily, raising the tank above her head. "Let's just say you guys better be ready for a whole lot more princess Rachel" she winked, pressing the nozzle of the tank to her lips.

The crowd, Christy, the cameraman, and all the viewers on television watched in awe as Rachel chugged down all the remaining liquid chocolate. Before their eyes, they could almost see Rachel getting fatter, and sure enough, she was. Her bikini top groaned and creaked as more breast begun to overflow out of it, bulging against it, until finally...


The top snapped clean off, just before Rachel finished the entire tank of chocolate. Her enormous breasts, hardly covered by it before, came tumbling out freely, bulging over her massive, overfed belly. The cameraman thought he was capturing an avalanche on film-an avalanche of brown, bulging boobage.

Rachel soon downed the last drop, and set the now empty tank down casually as if nothing happened.

"BBUUUURRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!" she went, letting out a massive belch that shook the entire studio.

The massive girl looked down at Christy and the cameraman, noticing suddenly her now fully exposed chest bulging for all to see on local television.

"Oops, I guess I HAVE gotten too big for that bikini" admitted Rachel. "Oh and Christy?"

"Yes?" went Christy, mouth-open as she looked up past all that belly and boob.

"I have a feeling that next time I come on your're going to need a bigger studio" grinned Rachel, putting her hands on her massive belly fondly as she looked past gigantic, exposed breasts.
Rachel's become quite the celebrity on the island--it seems she's getting very used to her pampered, princess lifestyle. And by the size of her, she's absolutely loving it. ;)
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